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David Mastikosa is a young profilic Bosnian composer.

He was born in 1992 in Prijedor, where he started his musical education by studying Clarinet and Music Theory at the Secondary Music School “Savo Balaban” in Prijedor, before moving to Banja Luka to study Composition at the Academy of Arts in the class of Tatjana Milošević Mijanović.

David was elected twice, among the fifteen composers whose works have been performed in concerts that are organized by Vox Novus, held in New York titled “15 Minutes of Fame”.

His compositions were performed in different countries around the world – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal, Japan, South Africa, Belgium and USA.

His composition “Unknown flow” was premiered in 2014 at Branko’s Award Ceremony at Sremski Karlovci, Serbia.

Official publisher of David`s music is Donemus | Publishing House of Contemporary Classical Music.




Suite for Piano solo (2011)

Music for two pianos for two pianos (2011)

Dialogue 7/8 for woodwind quartet (2012)

Memories `92 for solo Flute (2012) Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings

Irons for flute, clarinet, piano and violoncello (2012)

Folk`azz for two pianos (2012)

Serenata for soprano and piano (2012)

Impressions françaises for string quartet (2013)
Ayotte Custom Musical Engravings

Metastasi della felicità for bass clarinet solo (2013)
Alea Publishing & Recording

Morning song for tárogató solo (or soprano saxophone) (2013)

Unknown flow for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin and violoncello (2013)

Conterpoint modernee for piano solo (2014)

Plastic raindrops for solo violin (2014)

Fragments of history for flute and electronics (2014)

Ave Maria for soprano and piano (2014)

The cycle of miniatures for wind instruments (2014):

* Expectations & Illusions for solo bassoon

* Error #1 for clarinet in Bb

* Error #2 for flute

* 60 seconds! for bass clarinet solo
Alea Publishing & Recording

* New & York for oboe

Seasons for flute and string orchestra (2014)

Talons for two bass clarinets (2015)
Alea Publishing & Recording

Zeitmachine, multimedia piece for narrator and electronics (2015)

Unusual thing for soprano and electronics (2015)

West for 10 flutes and electronics (2015)

Think of for woodwind quintet (2016)

iRitual for piano and human being (2016)

Panic. Attack. Anxety for reed quintet (2016)

Lullby electronic – soundtrack (2016)

in the BlackBox – live composed and recorded improvisation (2016)(collaboration with composer Adam Clarke)

Rosh Chodesch for (amplified) violin (2016)

Sutra/Tomorrow multimedia piece for 10 flutes, actors, dancers and laptop orchestra (2016)

In vitro ex vivo for simphony orchestra (2016)

In vitro ex vivo limited edition for simphony orchestra (2016)

Tutta la forza for brass ensemble and vibraphone (2016)

Izmaglica/Mist for clarinet, violin and piano (2017)



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