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CHERRY WITH A GOLD PIT chamber opera

The chamber opera “Cherry With a Gold Pit” is an emotionally charged drama that follows the fate of Timotej Medoš, trapped in a triangular room in Bosnia under mysterious circumstances. Timotej finds himself in a position of waiting, much like all of us in the waiting room of history, politics, and our expectations from life. Through the task of translating secret messages, Timotej becomes a witness and bearer of a dangerous secret, while the symbolic triangular room becomes a place of limitation and isolation.

With characters like the tiny „pocket“ dog, two Man with Worn-Out Faces, two Lads with Bells instead of Earrings, the Devil, and the Narrator, the opera explores the depths of human destiny and moral dilemmas that confront us with our own responsibility. Tension and uncertainty permeate the plot as Timotej’s fate unfolds, even though his ultimate fate is already known.

Through a complex narrative, audiences will be drawn into a whirlwind of intrigue and tension, as the question of guilt and consequences is raised at the climax of the story. “Cherry With a Gold Pit” is not just a performance but a journey through the human psyche, leaving a powerful impression and encouraging deep reflection on the nature of human destiny and the moral challenges that life brings.

This is the cultural event of this year, and perhaps of this decade.

This is the cultural event of this year, and perhaps of this decade.
Ranko Risojevic
prominent writer and poet, creator of the libretto for the first Bosnian opera in 1977

Music: David Mastikosa
Libretto: David Mastikosa
based on the motifs of the story by Milorad Pavić

Timotej Medoš – baritone
Man with Worn-Out Face 1 – soprano
Man with Worn-Out Face 2, Judge 2 – tenor
Judge 1 – soprano
Narrator, Devil – male voice, actor
A Lad with Bells instead of an Earring 1 (actor)
A Lad with Bells instead of an Earring 2 (actor)

piccolo, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet 1, trumpet 2, piano, viola,
cello, and double bass.

Concept and Stage Direction: Ozren Prohić
Producer: Sonja Đurić
Conductor: Dušan V. Urošević
Stage Movement: Renata Agostini
Piano accompaniment: Sonja Bobrek Savić
Assistant Costume and Set Design: Zorana Klječanin
Animation: Igor Đurić
Production Assistants: Ivona Bijelić and Katarina Lazić
Graphic Design: Nina Ninković Gašić

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